In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, a beacon of hope is shining for young minds and aspiring athletes alike – the Pacific NW Trade School. This innovative institution is rewriting the script on education and sports, creating a space where financial constraints no longer stand in the way of dreams. Our online platform is the answer to the challenges faced by many students who are kept out of traditional systems due to the burden of travel expenses. By offering live courses, Pacific NW Trade School not only saves students precious time but also slashes the costs associated with commuting to a physical location.

But that’s not all – the Pacific NW Hawks, our pride and joy, take center stage as the school’s very own football team. Beyond the confines of local competition, these young athletes will spread their wings and compete on a national level. The Pacific NW Hawks are more than just a team; they represent the dreams and aspirations of every student who envisions themselves making it to the professional leagues.

In the  Pacific NW Trade School, we believe in the power of merging education and sports to empower the next generation. Our mission is clear – to provide a comprehensive pathway for students to excel both in the classroom and on the field. It’s not just about textbooks and exams; it’s about nurturing talent, fostering dreams, and creating a future where every child has an equal opportunity to chase their ambitions. Welcome to Pacific NW Trade School, where dreams take flight in the pursuit of knowledge and the thrill of the game.

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In the lush landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, where evergreen trees meet cascading mountains, the Pacific NW Trade School is pioneering a unique approach to address the pressing issue of labor shortages in the trades. By harnessing the passion that many youths have for sports, particularly football, this innovative institution is not only molding the workforce of tomorrow but also providing a pathway for aspiring tradespeople to pursue their dreams both on and off the field.

The Labor Shortage Challenge: Across the nation, the skilled trades industry faces a significant labor shortage. As older generations retire, there is a growing need to fill the void with a new wave of skilled workers. The Pacific NW Trade School recognizes this challenge and is taking bold steps to attract the younger generation into the trades.

The Allure of Sports: In the Pacific Northwest, the love for sports, especially football, is deeply ingrained in the culture. Many young individuals dedicate countless hours to perfecting their game, dreaming of making it to the big leagues. Recognizing this dedication, the Pacific NW Trade School has ingeniously blended the worlds of sports and trades to offer an enticing opportunity for aspiring athletes.

The Four-Year Electrical Apprentice Program: At the heart of the Pacific NW Trade School’s approach is its four-year Electrical Apprentice Program. Students, known as apprentices, embark on a unique journey that combines hands-on trade experience with their love for sports. The first year serves as a “red shirt” year, during which apprentices work for a company while exploring various trades to find their passion.

Choosing the Path: After completing their red shirt year, apprentices have the opportunity to select their preferred trade path. While the school initially focuses on electrical work, there are plans to expand into HVAC and plumbing in the coming years, providing a diverse array of options for students to choose from.

Work-Study Integration: One of the hallmarks of the Pacific NW Trade School’s program is the integration of work and study. Apprentices not only receive practical, on-the-job training but also pursue a degree in their chosen trade. This unique combination allows them to gain valuable experience in their field while working towards a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical aspects of their craft.

Balancing Work and Play: Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Pacific NW Trade School’s approach is the opportunity for apprentices to continue playing football throughout their education. After choosing their trade, apprentices sign a four-year contract, allowing them to simultaneously work and pursue their athletic dreams. This dual commitment not only fosters a strong work ethic but also instills a sense of discipline and time management in the students.

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