Welcome to the Pacific NW Trade School, where education, athletics, and innovation converge to redefine the future of the skilled trades. In partnership with the Intense National Football League (INFL), we proudly introduce the Pacific NW Trade School—a revolutionary program designed to provide students easy access to education while playing football and to connect contractors with a workforce that is trained to build the best systems on the market.

About Pacific NW Trade School

At the Pacific NW Trade School, we recognize the dual passions that many students possess—for the skilled trades and for football. Our program is tailored to seamlessly integrate both, offering a unique pathway for individuals to pursue their education while actively participating in the sport they love.

Student-Athlete Program

Our student-athlete program allows students to balance their educational journey with football. During the first year, students red-shirt while gaining hands-on experience with local businesses in the construction industry. Following this initial period, students choose their preferred trade, entering into a four-year contract that allows them to work, play football, and earn a degree concurrently.

Northwest Home Club Network

The Northwest Home Club Network is our initiative to bring together businesses and homeowners in a collaborative community. As a contractor affiliated with the Pacific NW Trade School, you gain access to this exclusive network, providing a direct connection to homeowners actively seeking services from skilled tradespeople.

Intense National Football League (INFL) Partnership

In collaboration with the INFL, we host dynamic events that combine the best of trade shows with the excitement of football games. These events, organized under the Northwest Home Club banner, feature the latest innovations in the construction industry and provide businesses with a unique marketing platform. Following the trade shows, students showcase their athletic prowess in thrilling football games, creating an engaging experience for attendees and an unparalleled recruitment opportunity for both homeowners and aspiring tradespeople.

Benefits for Students

  • Seamless Integration: Pursue education and football dreams simultaneously.
  • Hands-On Experience: Gain real-world experience through our red-shirt program.
  • Four-Year Program: Choose a trade and embark on a comprehensive four-year journey.

Benefits for Contractors

  • Access to a Targeted Market: Connect with homeowners who actively support the trades.
  • Marketing Platform: Showcase your business at INFL-hosted events, reaching a broad audience.
  • Recruitment Opportunities: Engage with students passionate about the trades.

Join Pacific NW Trade School and Northwest Home Club Today

Whether you’re a student looking to kickstart your career or a contractor seeking access to a workforce & unique marketing opportunities, the Pacific NW Trade School and Northwest Home Club offer the perfect platform. Together, we’re building a community where education, athletics, and industry innovation come together to shape the future of the skilled trades. Welcome to a world of possibilities at the Pacific NW Trade School and Northwest Home Club!

In the Pacific Northwest, where the rugged beauty of nature meets the dynamic world of skilled trades and sports, the Pacific NW Trade School is leading a revolutionary approach to workforce development. Our unique system not only addresses the labor shortage in the construction industry but also creates a symbiotic relationship between students, employers, and the broader community.

The Network Advantage

As a member of the Pacific NW Trade School’s exclusive network, employers gain unparalleled access to a pool of skilled, motivated, and talented students eager to make their mark in the construction industry. Our network ensures a seamless connection between employers seeking skilled tradespeople and students ready to embark on their professional journey.

Cost-Effective Hiring

Employers within our network enjoy a competitive advantage with a straightforward fee structure. We charge a modest 20% of the hourly wage for our services, allowing businesses to access top-tier talent without the burden of hefty recruitment fees. This fee goes directly towards supporting our students in balancing their education and athletic pursuits, making it a win-win situation for both employers and the workforce of tomorrow.

The Draft Experience

An innovative highlight of our workforce system is the annual draft event, where we bring together employers and students for a unique selection process. During this event, students showcase their skills, both on the field and in the trades, creating player profiles and resumes that capture their dedication, work ethic, and potential. Employers actively participate in the draft, selecting students they wish to sponsor for a one-year term, allowing them to join our school, pursue their education, play football, and contribute to the workforce.

National Talent Recruitment

We believe in casting a wide net to ensure the Pacific NW Trade School attracts the best talent from across the country. Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity is reflected in our efforts to bring in players from different regions, enriching our community with a diverse range of skills, perspectives, and experiences.

The Benefits of Sponsorship

By sponsoring a student-athlete, employers not only invest in the future of the skilled trades but also gain a dedicated and motivated team member for a year. During this time, students receive education, hands-on training, and the opportunity to showcase their athletic prowess, creating a well-rounded professional ready to contribute to the workforce upon graduation.

Join the Revolution

As the Pacific NW Trade School continues to redefine workforce development, we invite employers to join us in this groundbreaking journey. By becoming a part of our network, you not only gain access to a talented pool of individuals but also actively contribute to the growth and sustainability of the skilled trades. Join us in revolutionizing the way we build our workforce – a future where education, sports, and industry seamlessly come together to shape a brighter tomorrow.