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How to play Defense in the INFL
How to read a Defense
Reading a zone defense in American football can be a challenging task, but it is a necessary skill for quarterbacks, receivers, and offensive coordinators to master. Here are some tips on how to read a zone defense:
Drills For Playing Defensive Line
Mastering the Defense in the INFL
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Playing cornerback in football is a challenging task that requires a unique set of skills, including speed, agility, strength, and technique. In this lesson, we will cover the basic skills and techniques required to play cornerback effectively.

  1. Stance and Footwork:

The cornerback’s stance should be shoulder-width apart, with his feet slightly staggered. His weight should be evenly distributed between both feet, and he should be ready to move in any direction. The cornerback should keep his knees bent and be on the balls of his feet, ready to change direction quickly.

  1. Coverage Techniques:

A cornerback’s primary role is to cover the opposing team’s wide receivers, which means he needs to be proficient in various coverage techniques. The most common coverage techniques are man-to-man coverage and zone coverage. In man-to-man coverage, the cornerback is responsible for covering a specific receiver throughout the play. In zone coverage, the cornerback covers a specific area of the field and must read the quarterback’s eyes to anticipate his next move.

  1. Press Coverage:

Press coverage is a technique used by cornerbacks to disrupt the receiver’s route at the line of scrimmage. The cornerback lines up directly in front of the receiver and uses his hands to jam the receiver’s chest or shoulder pads, slowing him down and disrupting his route.

  1. Ball Skills:

Cornerbacks must have excellent ball skills to be effective. They need to be able to locate the ball in the air and time their jumps correctly to knock down passes or intercept the ball.

  1. Tackling:

Finally, cornerbacks must be able to tackle effectively. In addition to covering receivers, cornerbacks must also be able to support the run defense by making tackles on running plays. They must be able to approach the ball carrier quickly, break down, and make a solid form tackle to bring the ball carrier down.

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