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Mastering the Offense in the INFL
Mastering the Offense in the INFL
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Playing the position of left guard in football requires a combination of physical strength, quick reflexes, and good technique. This lesson will cover the fundamentals of playing left guard, including the stance, footwork, and blocking techniques.

I. Stance and Footwork A. The left guard should line up in a three-point stance with his left hand on the ground. B. The left foot should be slightly behind the right foot, with both feet shoulder-width apart. C. The left guard should explode out of his stance with a powerful first step, driving his left foot into the ground and pushing off with his right foot.

II. Blocking Techniques A. The left guard is responsible for blocking the defensive lineman in front of him, as well as any linebackers who blitz. B. The left guard should use his hands to engage the defensive lineman, driving his hands upwards to gain leverage. C. The left guard should keep his head up and maintain good balance, using his hips to generate power. D. The left guard should also be able to pull and lead block for running backs on outside runs.

III. Practice Drills A. Practice exploding out of your stance and driving your first step into the ground. B. Practice engaging the defensive lineman with your hands and driving him backwards. C. Practice pulling and leading the running back on outside runs.

IV. Tips for Success A. Work on your footwork and agility to be able to quickly move in any direction. B. Focus on your strength and conditioning to improve your ability to drive defenders off the ball. C. Learn the playbook and work on your communication skills to be able to effectively execute the game plan with your teammates.

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