NEC Code Chapter 4 Equipment for General Use

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Course Description: Chapter 4 of the NEC outlines the general requirements for electrical installations, covering topics such as equipment grounding, conductor sizing, and circuit protection. This course specifically focuses on the equipment for general use covered in Chapter 4, including requirements for appliances, luminaires, motors, and more.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Scope and Application

  • Overview of Chapter 4
  • Understanding the scope and application of the NEC
  • Identifying the types of electrical equipment covered by Chapter 4

Module 2: Appliances

  • Understanding the requirements for household and commercial appliances
  • GFCI and AFCI protection for appliances
  • Special equipment requirements for specific types of appliances

Module 3: Luminaires

  • Understanding the requirements for lighting fixtures and lamps
  • Luminaire marking and labeling requirements
  • Installation and maintenance requirements for luminaires

Module 4: Motors

  • Understanding the requirements for motor installations
  • Requirements for motor controllers, disconnects, and overcurrent protection
  • Special requirements for hazardous location motors

Module 5: Other Equipment for General Use

  • Understanding the requirements for other types of equipment covered in Chapter 4, such as heating and cooling equipment, transformers, and generators
  • Special requirements for equipment used in hazardous locations

Module 6: Testing and Inspection

  • Requirements for testing and inspection of electrical equipment
  • Understanding the role of qualified personnel in equipment testing and inspection
  • Documentation and record-keeping requirements for equipment testing and inspection

Module 7: Summary and Review

  • Summary of key requirements and concepts covered in Chapter 4
  • Review of sample questions and scenarios to reinforce learning
  • Resources for ongoing learning and professional development.
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