Marcus Saunders AKA “MJ” is a 22 year old  6’3″ 265 lb DT/OT our of Alabama and has become the official 1st player to commit to the Pacific NW Trade School & football team, where he will compete in the workforce, school & football team. Our program is designed to bring young athletes into the skilled trades where there is a whopping labor shortage as Gen Z  is just not joining the workforce.

The skilled trades industry is currently grappling with a significant and widespread labor shortage, posing a multifaceted challenge to economies and communities alike. As seasoned professionals retire and younger generations increasingly pursue alternative career paths, there’s a growing gap in the skilled workforce. Industries such as construction, manufacturing, and technology find themselves in dire need of qualified tradespeople, from electricians and plumbers to welders and technicians. This scarcity not only hampers the ability to meet the demands of burgeoning projects but also hinders economic growth. Addressing this labor shortage requires a concerted effort from educational institutions, businesses, and policymakers to inspire a renewed interest in the trades, provide accessible training opportunities, and cultivate an environment where these valuable skills are celebrated and rewarded. Only through collaborative initiatives and a collective commitment to promoting the trades can we bridge this gap and ensure a robust and skilled workforce for the future.

The Pacific NW Trade School emerges as a transformative force, creating a unique pathway for aspiring young athletes to chase their dreams of becoming professional football players while simultaneously preparing for a fulfilling life in the skilled trades. In a groundbreaking move, the school recently celebrated the first contract signing of Marcus Saunders, an impressive 6’3″, 265lb defensive tackle/offensive tackle hailing from Alabama. Marcus exemplifies the school’s commitment to nurturing not only athletic prowess but also the development of marketable skills. By providing access to education and vocational training, Marcus is not only gearing up for a promising career in football but is also laying the groundwork for a future in the skilled trades. This inaugural signing signifies a pivotal moment, highlighting the Pacific NW Trade School’s dedication to empowering young athletes like Marcus, ensuring they are well-prepared for success both on and off the field.

So as applications are pouring in, we are setting the tone in the labor recruiting industry and changing the game for young adults to pursue a career while playing their favorite sport. We will continue to bring you stories from this exciting new program in hopes you get involved by coming to our events and support these amazing young athletes.

Welcome aboard Marcus! Lets make history together…